Safety Tips for You When You Move

Safety Tips for When You Move :  Home Movers Dubai

Home Moving is not only sensitively difficult, but your body can also undergo a lot of stress with minor and more severe injuries a possibility. And even if you’re hiring a moving company, you need to make sure that your home is safety-proofed.

  • When packing, make sure all boxes weigh less than 50 pounds. If you’re unsure of a box’s weight, try lifting it. You should be able to lift it without too much strain, and at the same time, you should feel steady on your feet. Remember that you have to carry it up or down stairs or a long distance to the truck and that your current residence and your new residence both have different accessibility issues – so keep both homes in mind.
  • Rent proper equipment to save back strain and to help move larger, heavier pieces. A dolly or two will save you from carrying boxes too far. Also, heavier boxes can be stacked and moved more easily. Straps are also helpful for securing boxes and items to the dolly or to assist in lifting larger items.
  • Before moving day, check out the area around your home and the new home, if possible. Note the closest spot where the truck can park and if you need to reserve the spot prior to move out or move in day.