Office Relocation Info


  • HOW do I plan an office move?

Planning an office relocation dubai is never easy, but these free guides will  help you with all the planning and preparation required for your move.

  • HOW long does an office move take?

Whilst you can never start the office relocation in dubai process early enough, this free guide lays out a recommended timeframe for youroffice move. It’s an interactive application for you to use as the timeline to oversee your entire office relocation.

  • HOW much does it cost to move office?

This office relocation costs planner outlines the office move costs that you need to be aware of for an office movers in dubai. Use it to help identify, understand and manage the costs of your office move.

  • WHO are the key people involved in an office move?

An overview of the people (internally & externally) with whom you will need to engage to ensure the best possible outcome for your office movers dubai.

  • WHAT role should HR play in an office move?

This free guide looks at your office relocation from an HR perspective. It outlines the steps needed for a smooth and happy officemove – and offers practical solutions on how HR needs to play a key role in achieving a successful office move.

  • WHAT is involved in an IT Relocation?

The end game for any IT Relocation is for all IT Communication Systems to be moved safely, securely and with no disruption or downtime to business operations. The IT Relocation Checklist guides you through the process of achieving this.